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Ahnell Solutions, Inc. is a full service technology consulting organization. We can provide companies with technology professionals to assist with any need.

Founded in 2000 by computer industry experts, Ahnell Solutions is based in Chicago, Illinois. We are committed to offering quality services in software support that provide value long after the work is completed.

Our consultants are experts in a number of programming languages, including Java, HTML, Visual Basic, and web page design. Our services span from the programming capabilities to system support, system analysis, training, project management, technical writing and much more. We can provide platform support on NT, UNIX, VAX, and many other operating systems.

Ahnell Solutions is differentiating itself from its competitors through lower pricing and the expertise of its staff. The founders of the organization are also the consultants, so it isn't all business with us - it's also personal!

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  Ahnell Solutions, Inc. Phone:  847-259-1352  
  Arlington Heights, IL 60610 Email:  mark@amselite.com  
    Web:    www.amselite.com